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Powders are available in almost every color, shade and texture imaginable. PowderCote of Texas stocks many different colors and others are no more than a phone call away.
Any Color under the Texas Sun!
Epoxy Hybrid Polyester Polyurethane
Flexibility Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Hardness Excellent Good Good Good-Excellent
Chemical Resistance Excellent Good Good Good-Excellent
Corrosion Resistance Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good
UV Resistance Very Poor Poor Very Good Good-Excellent
Overbake Resistance Poor Moderate Excellent Excellent
Film Thickness (mils) 0.8-10.0 0.8-10.0 1.5-10.0 0.8-5.0
Gloss Range 1-100% 5-100% 20-100% 1-100%
Bake Temperature 250-400F 275-400F 260-425F 340-400F
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Durable Industrial Surfacing

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